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The term pantysphere is defined as the community made up of all used panty sellers and buyers and their interconnections. Here at UsedPantieSphere.com we celebrate the used panty selling and buying community by providing a resource to share your used panties news, introductions, offers, photos, and videos. Be sure to add your used panty site to our used panty directory and to check out our used panty forum to discuss everything dirty panties.




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Monday, 25 November 2013 20:58

Welcome Exoh to Panty Trust!

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Panty Trust is pleased to announce panty seller Exoh from the UK
Exoh young bisexual girl who loves experimenting, she is very open minded, and not afraid to try new things.  She’s voluptuous, with 34 G breasts and a perky little ass.

To order Exoh’s panties, visit her profile.

A huge welcome from everyone at Panty Trust!

Is My Personal Information Safe With Panty Trust? It couldn’t be any safer because Panty Trust does not collect personal information from members or buyers. A major tenet of Panty Trust is promoting the safety and security of the people in the used lingerie community. Panty Trust believes that the surest way to keep your personal information safe is to not have it bouncing around the internet in the first place…. Read more here

Thursday, 14 November 2013 06:06

Welcome Button to Panty Trust!

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Panty Trust is pleased to announce Button as our newest addition to the panty fetish community!
Button is a sweet, and filthy, petite Asian panty seller who loves getting men off with her aroma and juices. It turns her on to know that the panties she is selling are going to be used to pump out a huge load of cum. Button also sells  stockings and thigh highs, pantyhose and tights, and lingerie.

To order Button’s panties, visit her profile.

A huge welcome from everyone at Panty Trust!

What Happens If I Have a Problem With a Transaction With a Panty Trust Member? 99% of problems are simple mis-communication that are quickly solved by opening up an impartial dialog with both parties. Therefore, Panty Trust encourages all members and buyers to always communicate during a transaction to avoid having one of the members begin to worry that something is amiss. Read more here

Monday, 04 November 2013 18:56

Welcome Ebony to Panty Trust!

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Ebony joins Panty Trust from the UK to sell her used panties and other fetish goods she prepares herself. She has big brown eyes, and long dark brown hair, with curves in all the right places. She loves leopard print and loves being horny, just the thought of what others may do with her worn panties just starts to give her tingles in all the right places.

To order for Ebony’s panties,visit her profile.


A huge welcome from everyone at Panty Trust!

How Can I Know If A seller Is a Genuine Member? All members have a Profile page on our active sellers page. Visit that page and make sure that their page is displayed. If you see a Pant Trust verification seal on a website, click on it. . Read more here

Friday, 25 October 2013 20:48

Welcome Nikita to Pantytrust!

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Nikita joins Panty Trust to sell her  cum filled panties and to satisfy your dirty sluty fetishes, she craves the desires of men worshiping her natural lady aromas with the eyes, mind and of course the tip of their tongue. Her used panties, socks and shoes will have your cock yelping and pumping for more and more of her panties, socks and shoes.

To order for Nikita’s panties, visit her profile.

A huge welcome from everyone at Panty Trust!

Is Joining Panty Trust Hard/Scary? No, Panty Trust members genuinely enjoy what they do and tend to be “people people”. Members of Panty Trust are very friendly and will do everything they can to get you set up and welcomed to the organization. Read more here