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Let me start with some basic numbers you may like: I am 5’8″ (173cm), although you can see me in glamorous high heels for most of the time, so add about 0’4″ (10cm) to that!

I am 125 lbs (57kg) with the figure 36 (92cm) – 27 (69cm) – 36 (92cm). I wear 29 (75cm) D. My legs are 42 inches long (106cm), which you must agree are pretty long legs! My shoes are size 5 and clothes 8 or 10.  All right, that was lots of numbers. Are you still with me? I hope so!

You must be wondering by this point what do I do besides spreading joy over the Internet with my used panties and used underwear? Believe it or not, I have two part time jobs: a teacher and a go-go dancer. Let me start with the first one!

Would you like to join my classes? LOL I know you would! But don’t get any naughty ideas, because at work I am always professional. I dress smart (a bit like on this picture) and I try to dial down my sexual appeal, which is not always easy. I do have my pupils sometimes trying to hit on me, but tell them it’s not going to give them better grades ;)

I like this job a lot, that’s why I try not to show my face on the internet. You can rest assured, however, that if you purchase any of my videos or photo sets, you will get to see me in full. It’s just in the public where  I try to be a bit more discreet, I am sure you will understand! By the way, if you want a custom-made ‘naughty teacher’ video, I love making them!

Here is my second job: I am a professional go-go dancer in one of the exclusive and glamorous UK clubs (I am not British though). This means I wear lots of sexy used panties and other lingerie – I change a few times a night! I used to take pole dancing lessons and have been teaching other girls for a few years now. Do I like my job? I absolutely love it!

So you know what I do for my part-time jobs, but how did I start selling my used panties and underwear? Well, it actually started with a funny story in my go-go club! I remember one day (night, actually) I was getting ready to get on stage. The, suddenly, my girlfriend comes to and I can see she is pissed!

– Angie, we have a thief! Someone has stole some money from me in the locker room, better go and check whether you have all your stuff! So I went and discovered that my money was there, fortunately! However, what I noticed was that a pair of my blue, satin panties was missing!

After quick investigation, we figured that it must have been one guy, around 30 years old, because we noticed he was walking close to the locker room earlier. When the club staff have started asking him questions, he confessed, admitting he stole the money and the panties.

I asked him why he did that. He said that smelling used panties was his fetish and my panties smelled gorgeous. He asked whether he could keep the pair – he said he would cherish it as his most precious trophy!

After that night I did a bit of looking around on-line, and realised that selling my dirty used panties and other lingerie is something I would love to do! Here is my dirty little secret I didn’t tell my girlfriend in the club that night: I actually loved that this guy stole my used panties! Sure, I pretended I was angry, but it was somehow arousing knowing that someone cherishes my used underwear – and here I am!

Website URL: http://glampanties.com
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