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Many often ask what about this turns me on. Aside from the lingerie, my scent, and the feel of the fabric, I LOVE power exchange. I can't get enough of it. It only affects my gusset if those that want my panties feel a bit vulnerable, blush, or relinquish control of some kind. This could involve following instruction with my panties, or giving themselves blue balls until they arrive. The possibilities are endless!

Do any of you use this kink as a means of release (not always physical, you perv)? Your "home away from home?"

I get a rush out of knowing that someone is hooked on, or attached to my scent. Pay and go boys don't really do it for me, but I don't hold it against them. Sometimes, you just need to get your fix, I get it. What I love, is knowing that someone that is in charge, or "dominant" in their day to day lives, feels safe, relaxed, or comfortable when they're around me. It's also fun when they can only climax when inhaling my scent and/or following instruction. Incorporating things like light pain, pushing limits, or making it hurt (in a good way) in order to get what they crave drives me wild.

Even knowing that I'm one of the few that know about this side of them, and they want to share it with me, affects me. Not sexually, in that sense, but it's nice. Things aren't so black and white that I'd say that those that enjoy this with me are "submissive."

Love it or hate it, we all have our kinks and quirks. Happy sniffing and soaking everyone.


Good morning everyone! I’m very excited due to an appointment later, so I’ll be smiling all day. Get into anything fun this weekend?

I’ve met a few new fiends that have tastes similar to mine…Perfect!


Kiss this sexy, black lace pair, and polka dot thong goodbye! He even snagged the thong before I had a chance to post a picture for you to drool over.

I’m curious, how many of you are scent oriented fetishists? It’s always nice to meet you guys, rather than someone that is after a camgirl. Not that I have anything against those lovely ladies, but there are red flags all over my site that practically scream D*** BITER! Hahahaha

Here are a few of the lovely NEW pairs that I snagged over the weekend.

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I also have a few wigs, corset, and toys for those of you who dress.

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Each pair is wrapped in gift wrapping tissue paper, and sent in a discreet bubble envelope from the post office.

First class shipping within the US is free.

Tracking is $2, Priority shipping (2-3 days) is $5, Worldwide shipping is $10, and Overnight shipping is $18.

Giftrocket Giftcards (Put “Surprise!” in the subject line), Amazon Giftcards, Western Union, MoneyPak, or Cash/Money Order sent with tracking to my P.O. Box. If you send cash via mail, without tracking, I will not be responsible for your payment if it is lost.

I save each receipt when I mail your panties, and if there is a problem, I will send a picture as proof of shipment.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014 06:26

Can you take a dare?

Written by
Are you tired of spending your money on used panties only to be disappointed? Sick of scentless fabrics and stainless gussets? I dare you to give me a chance. Tell me what you want and let me give it to you. If I can't I'll say so. And if I can, I will. No sugar-coating. No games and no gimmicks. Isn't about time you got what you've really wanted for so long?