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You know what I love, panty boy. Kiss it! I just bought the soft, sexy pair in the picture last week.




I've missed hanging out with like minded people, so I wanted a spot to post pictures of myself wearing, enjoying, smelling, and doing what I love most with my well worn treasures.




Aside from hanging out on the site, I'm chatting with an old panty fiend, that popped up out of the blue. A fan of sexy cotton cheekies, or bikinis, that are covered with the sexy, musky scent of my ass. What can I say, he has good taste! I loved hearing from him the day of their arrival. Sniffing and smelling like mad. *Grins*



Click here to visit my blog to contact me, and see of the sexy, smelly panties that are in store for you.

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I'm probably going to post new pictures of what I've bought, within the hour.

Stay tuned, fiends!

Monday, 14 April 2014 23:31

new to this!

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Hey guys!

I'm so new to selling my used panties, I haven't sold any yet!

I've set up a site where I'm looking to sell some panties among other things, so check it out!





It’s true, I do. My beloved boots of 4 years– are toast– on the inside. The lining is shredded. My cobbler says there is no hope for these beauties.




If you look closely, you can see the wear on the soles. My cobbler fixed them once and thought he might be able to do it again. Heels too!

What he can’t fix at a reasonable price (or perhaps at all, he admitted) is the inside heal/foot bed portion of my boots. Boo! hoo! All the strutting and pavement pounding have taken its toll.

But I have decided this is an opportunity for my fans, boot and foot fetishists and men of the internet who love my photos, panties, beautiful ass and feet, to help me acquire a new pair of boots, just as lovely as these. (Maybe lovelier even…)

So here is what I want:

1. Someone to buy the trashed boots. I will model them for you in a 10 photograph set (you pick clothing. It could be jeans, it could be panties, it could be knee socks and skirt. No nude photos, sorry, not an option.) This option is $75 inclusive of shipping. The boots have 4 years of my love, affection and abuse in them…

2. Gifts of amazon credit. Gifts can be in the amount of your discretion. All gifts will be acknowledged with a photo as a thank you note. Gifts over $25 will also receive 5-7 photos of me modeling my newly acquired boots! Gifts over $50 will receive 10 photos of me modeling my boots. Gift credit can be sent to portiamarlow at ymail dot com. Please include a little note so I know you are contributing to my boot fund. (Want to give me more? Please feel free– I will think of some way to thank you! Promise!)

Have an alternative solution? I am all ears. Wait– did you say you wanted to buy me a pair of boots? Cool. I am not opposed to raising enough to afford two pair of amazing boots! Like panties, a girl can never have enough pairs of shoes and boots. Don’t you agree? If so, well darlings, you know what to do.


Friday, 15 November 2013 05:30

Saving the World's Used Panties

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Having some fun with used panties. Check out the video below. Dr. Nut Sack has created a diabolical scheme to instantly acquire all of the used, dirty panties from adult women word-wide. He has forced his girlfriend Vette Gusset to assist him. It is now up to MI6 agent 0069, Thames Glued and his trusted partner Moist Taco to decode the clues and stop the mad man before it is too late. Those who sell panties and those who buy used panties are holding their breath. Will Thames Glued succeed, or will all the wet, used panties in the world be lost forever?

Check out http://www.PantyZoo.com today to begin selling and buying used panties in about five minutes. Panty Zoo is a modern panties fetish social network and marketplace that is 100% free to join, use, sell, and buy. No membership fees, no commission on sales. Our built-in payment system allows every used panties seller to accept instant payments through credit card and debit card. No payment hassles!