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Monday, 02 March 2015 23:19

My dirty little panties ;)

Written by

Hiya :)

I'm Aaliyah, a petite 22 year old Latina lady who is relatively new to the panty selling business. It has been something I have thought about doing for a while, but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested- but then I caught my naughty flatmate stealing and sniffing my worn panties out of my laundery bin, whilst having a bit of fun with himself!! At first I was very very angry, but it did make me think about how many other people would get such pleasure from my panties and thongs. I went online to pantytrust.com and was surprised how big of a community it actually is, so I signed up and spent the next week taking sexy pics while I was being verified. I chose to go on panty trust because all sellers have to prove who they say they are, and I think that's very important to buyers.

I have had so much fun so far, I love pleasing people and helping them to fulfil their fantasies!! If you would like me to help you fulfil yours, message me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will do my best to accommodate your every need and desire ;) I also have some classifieds on my panty trust page  http://www.pantytrust.com/aaliyah.html so please take a look, your pleasure is my priority

Love Aaliyah S xxxxx

Thursday, 12 February 2015 22:51

Spreading Pantylush Love

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You will see I sell Everyday Panties, Activity Panties and Sets. Everyday Panties are what I wear on a daily basis. If you order from this collection the activities carried out will be anything from a business meeting to a traffic jam. Activity Panties require a little more planning and orders from this collection will include anything from panties worn after sexy times to panties worn for a gym session. Sets covers anything from bra and pants to socks and pants, stockings etc!

If You Can't find what you desire then I am happy to take requests, just contact me through the Special Requests Tab. Please don't be shy all requests will be considered and obliged wherever possible.

We JUST created a BRAND NEW used panties website selling hot, wet and used dirty panties from our US based, fetish panty models! We currently have 4 beautiful women selling their hot sticky panties, and we've got several more coming in!
We want you to have one of our very own pairs of hot, dirty, used panties. We will do WHATEVER it takes to satisfy your needs. We take all requests for every fetish and kink under the sun.
Our sensuous panties will envelope your lustrous senses, and arouse every inch of your body with our personal female fragrances.   Every pair of panties is freshly worn with you in mind, and caresses every crevasse of our female curves.   Our wetness is sealed in the fabrics, and our smell will linger long for your pleasure. 
Our juices are yours to keep.  Smell them. Taste them.  Explore your sexuality with our scents.
VISIT US AT --> UsedPantiesStore.com 


Thursday, 13 November 2014 21:05

Hello there!

Written by

My name is Angelina and I am a 33 year old office gal by day, a professional dancer by night, and a very naughty girl throughout both.  I’m very excited to send off my sweet, used panties as I absolutely LOVE the thought of anyone getting off on them!  In fact, that thought gets me super wet every time I think about it – which is a lot!  I find myself pretty horny almost all the time, so I really enjoy making myself come at least once per day.  I am bi-sexual and I can’t stop thinking about things that make me nice and juicy.

My favorite types of panties are thongs and g-strings because they make me feel nice and slutty – especially when I wear naughty ones to work.  It's all about no one else knowing what I'm up to.  That's what gets me going.

I have all styles of panties and am happy to dirty up whatever you want!  Let me know if you want me to make myself come at work - I'll definitely do it!

I am happy to accept requests and will do my absolute best to fulfill your desired wishes.  And feel free to tell me what you do with my panties – it will only help me make more!

What I Sell:
Used Panties
Smelly socks

Looking for more?  Ask me :)

 Twitter: twitter.com/pantyangelina

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Classifides: http://tinyurl.com/AngelinaClassifieds