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Saturday, 20 February 2016 22:33

About Princess Cica

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Princess Cica [see-sah]
Birthday: January 26
Favorite colors: pink, blue, black and purple.
Shoe size: 7.5
Favorite animal: Fox
Favorite shops: Victoria's Secret, Wet Seal,  Agent Provacteur.
Relationship Status: In a Relationship

I'm Princess Cicabel, you may call Me Princess, unless given permission otherwise. I stumbled upon Financial Domination by chance of meeting two lovely Dommes, one financial and one a Pro-Domme. They showed Me things that were good and bad about it all. I researched for months, before accepting My first submissive, christening him "pet". He was with Me for several years before striking out to seek a real time dominant girlfriend.

I don't care to be the first to demand money. I prefer the submissive to beg if they may present their tribute to Me. Perhaps they will receive a thank you, perhaps I will feel generous and allow them a chance to go on cam with Me. When I am truly impressed, it will always be known. I am a polite person to the core, and feel that even the smaller tributes deserve to be acknowledged. However, if you are being fined for a punishment, or apologizing, a tribute worthy of My forgiveness is in order and I will not accept less.

I have kinks that I prefer to focus upon, though that doesn't mean I don't enjoy other things. My personal favorite kinks and fetishes to play with are foot fetish, sissification, chastity, cuckoldry, boot worship and financial domination. I won't ruin you, though I do love to play with ruin as a fantasy. I enjoy blackmail, with submissives that I have developed into that relationship naturally. I enjoy humiliation of several kinds, for instance small penis humiliation makes Me giggle like nothing else can. I enjoy coming up with humiliating games to play with My pets to amuse Me. I love taxes and fines, as well as assignments, from writing assignments to physical assignments.

How can one go about approaching Me? I would suggest first doing your research on Me, and reading My blog posts, learning what makes Me happy, what makes Me upset. Fulfilling any tasks posted on My pages would definitely give you a head start, as well as playing My NiteFlirt games and PTVs. I love seeing a sub who wants My attention do the simple things, like paying a cum tax when they're on My page or fulfilling a task posted on My page. Finally, you may approach Me. Be ready to tribute either before or after, but I enjoy seeing a long introduction letter. It will be obvious instantly if you've been paying any attention to Me, and I can easily determine if we would be compatible.

Outside of kink, I am an energetic  woman. I love fast paced events, like concerts, just as much as I enjoy perusing an art museum. I'm learning to play the violin. I do yoga, every morning. I love to paint, draw and write. I am a creatively driven person, and love to learn everything I can. I love when I can find an excuse to go shopping. I'm exceptionally fond of stuffed animals, video games and combat boots. I have family and friends that I visit regularly, and a boyfriend that I live with.

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Princess Cica

Online, I sell custom videos, worn shoes/panties/stockings/lingerie sets, photo sets, fetish stories, and skype sessions. Prices vary!

I am a ProDomme, FinDomme, Switch, Poly and a Little. Don't laugh at my Little, you should be concerned for your wallet when she comes out.

Good girls and boys can view me as a secret keeper, though I don't reveal information without consensual non-consent.

I never rashly decide to collar someone. That is a privilege that must be earned. There are few who would earn it these days, though one great way is to get creative and find more ways to please me.

I'm slim, brunette, superior and a little bit wild rolled into a perfect little person. I can be materialistic, but considering how often "slaves" can come and go, I take joy in the things that are left behind.

I do everything I can to learn more about BDSM, but I strive to learn constantly. I enjoy cooking, writing, reading and studying on everything from social engineering to manipulation to photoshop.

I'm 420-friendly, and love to have a good time. Many of my subs bring me a good deal of great conversation, though I do expect a tribute within the first few interactions. My time isn't free, and I'm generously sharing it with you.

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