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Sunday, 29 November 2015 01:56

Worn cotton cheekies

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I have these cute white cotton VS cheekiness. I want the new owner to sniff the sweetness out of my pussy scented panties. Takers please email me for a good deal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :)

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Lia Manela

Lia Manela


Hi there! I'm your typical Asian girl, Lia Manela. I have long silky black hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. 
Also, I love to eat and travel :) I'm an active gal, who's passion is to become a physical therapist and also an active hip hop dancer. I love to listen to all kinds of music and watch movies on netflix with my bottle of sweet wine :)

Due to my sweet tooth, my pussy is very sweet scented and clean since I shower almost everyday from dancing, working, and studying at school. but enough about me,  I hope I may fulfill your wish and desire of interesting fetish, sweet pussified panties, and socks.

get to know me more at Twitter @lia_manela

What I Sell:
Bras and Lingerie

: bras - $10 

: liingerie starting at $10 (this depends on what kind/type of lingerie so we can discuss this over my email).

Used Panties (each additional day +$5)

:hardcore dancing session - $20

:stretches and soft cardio - $15

:running around at work - $20

:masturbated - $ 10

:wipe from #1 and #2 = $20 // either one $10

Socks and Foot Fetish items (each additional day +$5) 

:hardcore dancing session - $20

:stretches and soft cardio - $15

:running around at work - $20

any other special fetish or requests may be discussed through my email: [email protected]

I'd love to satisfy your special lovely needs so don't hesitate to ask!

Payment Terms
I only accept cash in an unbroken, sealed envelope, check,and Amazon vouchers.
Your personal information will remain private and professionally handled with care and anonymously. I respect my client's info regarding to the purchase, and other personal transactions. 

Shipping Terms: (additional price with the product)

Products will be delivered in 2-3 days with a copy of confirmation and USPS tracking number as a priority mail in USA after the payment has been made.

International delivery will be the same except the delivery will take about 3-7 days. I will do what I can do to send out my package in an appropriate time so please make sure your scheduling will be efficient and enough time for the transaction. 

US : $6  

international : $10 

Refund Policy:

Once you have received the product, refund is not given, due to obvious reasons. if you haven't received what you were expected to, please let me know so we can discuss through my email. 

Lost Parcel Policy:

My packages will be properly sealed in a zip-loc bag with priority package delivery system, confirmation copy, and the tracking number. In case of emergency we can discuss over my email. I will make sure that you meet your necessities due to possible errors and trials. 

No PayPal.


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