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Thursday, 28 February 2013 00:00

Getting Started With PantySphere.com - Quick Quide

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Promote your panties across the internet fast and free! PantySphere.com is designed to be easy to use. However, you may find this quick guide helpful in getting started. This is a quick guide to get you started. Any time you have questions or need more advanced help, please use the Contact form to request assistance.

Once you log in, you'll notice that you know have a menu in the top row menu area called "User Menu". This is your control menu. Mouse over it to see the different things you can control...


1. The first thing to do is to set up your two profiles. Your profiles allow you to share information about yourself with other PantySphere.com members. There are two profiles to create:

Main Profile - From your User Menu select "Edit Main Profile". In your main profile, you can upload an profile photo, set your gender, add a description, and set your name (only your username is displayed to others), and change the email address and password for your account. You can ignore the bottom part titled "Basic Settings". Make sure to click the "Save" button in bottom right when done to save your settings.

Forum Profile - From your User Menu select "Edit Forum Profile" Your forum profile is connected with the forum only. Here you can upload another (or use the same as your main) profile photo and add additional information to share with others such as a signature, description, website/blog address, Twitter account, etc. It is recommended that you ignore the email, name, and password settings in your profile. You could change these but in most cases, you'll want to let them be controlled from the settings in your main profile.

With your profiles now complete, you are ready to go. If you want to add content/news items to the front page, create a photo gallery, and add your self to the directory, please read on.


2. Add a news item to the front page of PantySphere.com: To add an article to the front page, click the "Add News/Blog Post" link in the User Menu. A new window will popup. Required parts of the form to complete are adding a title for your entry, selecting a category, and adding your content. When you are done, make sure to scroll up and click the "Save" button to save and publish your article immediately. Optional but, very recommended, is adding a photo or video to go with your post. To do this, select the "Image" (photo) or the "Media" (Video) tab to browse your computer to upload your image or video. All other parts of the Add Item form are optional to complete.  Once you submit your promo or news, it instantly appears on the front page of PantySphere and is then news blasted to Twitter, Facebook, PantyPulse.com, news groups, panty fetish RSS feeds, and more!


3. Create an image gallery: To create your own gallery of your photos, click the "Photogallery Manager" link in the User Menu. The first thing you'll need to do is to create category name for your gallery. The best name to give it is your username on the PantySphere.com site so that people will instantly know whose gallery it is. Once you have created a category (name) for your gallery, you can then use the "Images" tab to access the form to begin uploading your photos to your gallery. Once uploaded, the photos will appear in your gallery. The subcategory tab is optional. Use this tab if you want to create a sub gallery within your main gallery at some point.


4. Add yourself/blog/website to the directory: To create an entry in the directory, click the "Add directory listing" link in the User Menu. Use the form to add your information and be sure to click the "Save Entry" button at the bottom right of the form when finished to save and publish your entry to the directory. Please note that you will need to select a category to put your entry in. If you are panty seller, use the Panty Seller category. If your link is to anything else, please use the Used Panty Resources category instead.










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