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 Hello Pantyspherical Lovers :D How are we all today?

Now I Know it's too soon to talk about Christmas but I have a very special competition I have been running ALL YEAR starting in December and my panty queue is already booked till the end of October already! That only leaves November to wear panties for you before my festivities begin!!


If you are a regular buyer of mine, You will no doubt of noticed a strip of raffle tickets with your panty order this year. All those tickets will go in a giant bowl and come the end of November I willdraw 24 tickets. These tickets will sort of symbolise my panty queue advent calender where 24 panties will be going to new homes for free.. Its kind of like im giving you a chocolate to eat from my advent calender.. only.. its my panties.. and your licking them instead :D

I wont harp on about it too much just yet as its still early, BUT I will be listing new panties tomorrow along with starting my new order form and its new prices for my panties so be sure to check for my new items and get your orders in as you only have 40 days left to get a pair of my panties this year!

If you haven't had a chance to purchase any yet, take a peek and get an order in, ITS NOT TO LATE TO GET RAFFLE TICKETS!


If you dont think this competition is for you, then you can still subscribe to my site and comment to win you a free pair of panties once a month :)




Morning Panty Spherical Lovers :D

There is just 2 more days in my September Special, which is great news because that means you still have time to order and take advantage of this HUGE offer :)

Seeing as I have now been selling for 2 years, I decided to do a special offer based around 2 :

2 pairs of panties, worn both for 2 days, with 20 pictures EACH for just £22 to order simply visit here.

Also Monday I will be announcing my September Panty Award winners where I give away 2 free pairs of panties, 1 to a lucky blog subscriber and 1 to a commenter for that month!

So, if you head on over to penelopesusedpanties.com and subscribe you are automatically added in for a chance to win this months free pair, and every month now :) By being subscribed you get an email when I blog, this means you can comment with ease and with each and every comment on separate posts you increase your odds in winning the free pair for a commenter.

Don't miss out now!

Have a great weekend my spherical lovers :)

Penelope xox

Monday, 24 September 2012 17:41

Buy 1 get 1 free (Last days!)

Written by

New to Canada; special offer! A special offer that you should all know about, here's how it works:

You purchase 1 pair of panties worn to order (with all extras, etc) then you find a second pair you like, tell me which and I’ll wear the second pair with all of the same extras as the first! So if you want the first pair worn for two days and stuffed, the second pair will be too!

This offer ends on the 30th of September.

For more information: http://bellexox.com/special-offers/

Sunday, 23 September 2012 15:06

Lily's Buy one pair get a second pair FREE

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I am doing a special offer

This offer will run all the way until the end of the Month

When you buy a pair of my Panties or thongs you can choose a second pair with the same amount of wear for FREE.

 WOW I am spoiling you, I like spoiling you x