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Friday, 29 April 2016 18:33

Ms. Laveau's Dirty Gusset Shots, of READY PAIRS!

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Twitter: @ScentZilla Blog: LaveauScent.com

Hello, my sniffing fiends! What have you boys been up to? Hamper raids? Drooling over tasty pairs?




I've been dabbling a bit, but not actively online. It has been a pretty busy couple of weeks, so as each pair comes off, I've been stashing away, for our sniffing pleasure.

Here's a peek at some of the gussets.




A couple of the others are smellier, and potent, but you'd never know, seeing the gusset.


Here are the ones that I'm talking about, along with the rest of my stash, in the bag. There are two pairs of boyshorts, and the rest, are cheekies, and bikinis.



As you can see, my stash is building, so I'm going to have to wash them soon, if I'm to wear anything at all, later! Hahaha Can't just keep them dirty!

Anywho, loves, I'm off to relax. You know how to reach me, to start sniffing, and licking.

Ms. Laveau

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Hey there, sniffer! Want to bury your nose in my panties? Get over here!

I'm Marilyn, but if you're a subby boy, you should call me "Miss."

I've been bouncing around panty sites for about seven years now, so if we've met, get over here, and say hey! Those that know me already know...I'm a HUGE tease, and I get a rush out of my mischief.

I'm a scent & lingerie fetishist, with an overflowing collection, and a vivid imagination that is lucky enough to get high off of my own scent.

My panties are always held tight against my body, snug against my ass, so that it soaks up every bit of the scents that I love. The sweet scent of my sex, and the spicy, earthy smell of my ass.

It is HOT here in Texas, so I tend to work up a sweat, whether I want to, or not! I'm most comfortable unshaven, or trimmed to be neat, which is best for producing a stronger pair of panties.

My panties are more juicy, than creamy, now. I'm on birth control, so ovulation (the very heavy cream in the gusset) pairs are not an option.

If you're a scent fetishist, I'd recommend going for the cotton pairs, since it is more absorbent, and will soak in more of my scent. My favorite smelly treat, is one that has been worn for about three days, to ensure that my scent will linger on your nose, and fingertips.

If you're one who loves a silky feel, or something sexy, and sheer, I have lace, and silky pairs as well.

Kinks aside, I'm a big ol' geek with a warped sense of humor. Drop me a line any time, if you'd just like to chat. I LOVE cooking, trying new foods, wine, reading, campy, kitschy fun, and all things LGBT, sci-fi, horror, or fantasy.

I'm not into the hot and heavy stuff. Sex sells, I get it, but that's not the type of person that I am. This is a hobby, not a job. Besides, I'm married, with a family. Yes, everyone close to me knows all of my kinks and quirks. I'm an open book.

Email: [email protected]

Kik: LadyLaveau

$15 per additional day of wear.


Square cash
Bitcoin, Western Union, or cash sent, with tracking, to my PO Box.


Shipping within the US is free & comes with tracking.
International is $10-$255.

Each pair is zip locked, wrapped in decorative tissue paper, and sent in a discreet bubble mailer, first class, via USPS.

Kinks and Quirks

– Lingerie – Bodily Worship – Teasing – Being Spoiled – Sissies – Tempting – Taunting – Denial – Forced Feminization – Humiliation – SPH – Financial Domination – Scent Imprinting

Things that I enjoy, outside of BDSM

– I'm a food fiend, I love cooking, and trying new things- Anime – Bad Puns – Traveling – Reading – Cooking – People Watching – Movies – Learning – Shopping – Geeks – Video Games – Sci-fi – Horror – Fantasy –

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