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Monday, 22 October 2012 14:20

Belle's exercise panties & Smelly gym shoes!

Written by

I have something very special for you today!

I am selling my exercise panties and smelly worn gym shoes!

The panties will be worn for three days and exercised in, I'll take ten pictures of me wearing them.

The gym shoes have been worn without socks to the gym repeatedly so they have a very strong smell! I'll wear them for three days during the day (not to bed) and also take ten pictures of me wearing them.

Both items individually cost $50, but if you buy both at the same time, it's $90 (plus p + p)

If you're interested, please check out my blog for more details and pictures: Bellexox.com

Saturday, 13 October 2012 13:18

Buy my lesbian sex panties!

Written by

I was a very naughty girl last night and went home with a girl I met at a club. We had a very, VERY good time together and now all I have to show for it is some juicy, wet panties! Want a sniff? ;)

They're very cute ra-ra style panties, a size small but do stretch to fit a large (she and I swapped a few times, and she was very curvy!)

I will wear these panties for 48 hours and have them ready for shipping by the time payment clears.

So what do you get if you buy these panties? Some very yummy smelling panties that have been played in during some very hot lesbian sex, worn for forty eight hours, come with 8-10 pictures of me modelling the panties (more if you'd like) and, my favorite part: I will hand-write the story of how I managed to convince one very fine Canadian girl to come home with me and all about the fun we had! The note will come with the panties.

Panties are $60 (plus p + p). Also, I don't normally offer sex panties, let alone lesbian sex panties, so if you're interested, this may be your last chance for a while!

So what are you waiting for? Hop on it!




Can be contacted via the contact form on my site, bellexox.com.

Monday, 08 October 2012 15:32

New Panties / New Order Form / New Customers!

Written by

Good afternoon my Panty Spherical Lovers! :D

Here is my latest blog about my new panties and order form!


So as mentioned in my previous post, I had LOADS of new panties to be listed and they can now be found on my Panties for sale page!  Also, to make it easier they are now in Type order, followed by alphabetical order, So it shows all my Boxers from A-Z then all my Granny panties from A- Z and so on :)

There is a mixture of materials and sizes and colours. Some textured with lace or bows, others with bright coloured materials and some just plain and waiting to be stained! If there isnt a matieral or colour or type, please feel free to get in touch with me via my Contact Me page and I can always buy a pair to your liking, It’s really not an issue!



So with adding lots of new panties and putting them into alphbetical order, I wanted to make my order form a little easier for you So there are now Drop down menu’s for each type of panties. Boxers, Deluxe,  Grannys, Knickers and Thongs & Gstrings, You can select your chosen pair from its drop down menu and leave the others blank unless ordering multiple pairs.

I have noticed a huge flock of new customers and most of them are getting panties worn for 2 or more days along with having me masturbate in them. What with Prices and extras and adding things up, I figured I would make it alot easier for my customers. Now instead of paying to add things on here and there, It comes as part of the price!

All my panties are now £30 per pair. This will include that pair to be worn either 24 hours, or 48 hours as part of the price. I still offer more days as an extra for all those extreme wear lovers. Also Now with each pair you can have me masturbate in them multiplue times over and over while im in them as part of the price!

Pictures are still avaliable as always and there is now also a special request box at the bottom for you to type out any other requests.  Either Pee stains or Ass musk.. Anything that I haven’t included that you might want. I have been selling for a while now so not alot really phases me, so its there for customers to use to ensure they get the perfect pair for them!


If you have a moment Id love you to take a look and go to my blog where I originally posted this and vote on my poll about my new panties and the new order form! Feedback is important even from customers who dont purchase from me. Hearing what customers think is very important to me, because If they arn't happy. Then I'm not happy!

  Click here to go to my blog post to vote for me


Take care! Much Love

PEN xxx

Thursday, 04 October 2012 19:06

My panty selling anniversary offers!

Written by

Hey pantysphere,

This October is actually my one year online panty selling anniversary :) Which I think is really really exciting!

So to celebrate this there will be a few offers available thoughout this month! To start off here are some surprise goodie bags for you at some very special prices :)

Goodie bag 1

A  surprise pair of panties/thong worn for 24hrs and pussy stuffed & 10 photos


Goodie bag 2

A  surprise pair of panties worn for 24hrs, A  surprise thong worn for 24hrs and pussy stuffed & 10 photos

- £25

Goodie bag 3

A  surprise pair of panties worn for 24hrs, A  surprise thong worn for 24hrs and pussy stuffed, a surprise item of footwear worn for 24hrs (pantyhose, stockings, socks etc) & 10 photos

- £45 

Goodie bag 4 *limited number available*

A  surprise pair of panties worn for 24hrs, A  surprise thong worn for 24hrs and pussy stuffed, a surprise item of footwear worn for 24hrs (pantyhose, stockings, socks etc), a used sex toy of my choice & 10 photos

- £65


You can order one of my surprise goodie bags by filling out an order form on the specials page on my website http://provocativepanties.com/ 

Celebrate my panty selling anniversary with me :)