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Thursday, 23 July 2015 18:07

Hi Everyone :)


My names Grace and I'm an experienced panty princess from the UK. I've been shipping my worn panties and stinky footwear off to naughty boys across the world for almost a year now.....how time flies! 

I'm Panty Trust verified so you can buy with confidence knowing I'm a genuine, reliable panty seller. I'm a young 35 year old with long dark hair, big blue eyes and fully, juicy, kissable lips :) I'm a perfect 10 with a very respectable 34B chest......anything more than a handful is a waste anyway ;) 

My new website is just ready for you check out, there's lots of photos in my gallery to tempt all you naughty boys out there! Cum and say hello to me on twitter as well. I love to chat with my boys :) 

My twitter is @PantiesByGrace and my brand spanking new website is http://www.pantiesbygrace.co.uk if there's something that tickles your fancy just drop a line. I always get back to you as soon as i possibly can. 

Happy perving boys.......hope to see you soon ;) 

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I'm a cute chocolate girl ready to send some pretty panties your way ;)

Special requests are always welcome. Feel free to e-mail me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No money, no deal!


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---> Last one of these gorgeous little thongs left. Will be worn for 24 hours and I will come in them as many times as you wish. 40$ and 15$ for any other extras Have a wide range of other panties. Moved from Russia, so trying to build up a new base of gorgeous panty appreciators. visit my twitter, im Ticklepickley.


Cant wait to hear from you and your reviews.


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Follow me on Twitter, @Facehuggerpanty, to shoot the breeze about whatever!

Visit my blog, Sweetnsmellypanties.wordpress.com, to see the new cotton pairs that I've just bought, and to see what I've been up to with some of my panty lovers. If you have a scent fetish, we'll get on just fine. I wanted to add a few more pairs that will really hold on to the scent, and natural juices, after being tugged and held tight against my body.

Cotton panties are best for soaking up every bit of a woman's scent and taste, so snug bikinis have been pretty popular. I'm going to have to go back to Victoria's Secret soon, at this rate.

Talk soon, scent lover! I'm off to play Civ.

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Subscribe to my BLOG, to see more panties that are covered with my "essence" and follow me on Twitter!

Many often ask what about this turns me on. Aside from the lingerie, my scent, and the feel of the fabric, I LOVE power exchange. I can't get enough of it. It only affects my gusset if those that want my panties feel a bit vulnerable, blush, or relinquish control of some kind. This could involve following instruction with my panties, or giving themselves blue balls until they arrive. The possibilities are endless!

Do any of you use this kink as a means of release (not always physical, you perv)? Your "home away from home?"

I get a rush out of knowing that someone is hooked on, or attached to my scent. Pay and go boys don't really do it for me, but I don't hold it against them. Sometimes, you just need to get your fix, I get it. What I love, is knowing that someone that is in charge, or "dominant" in their day to day lives, feels safe, relaxed, or comfortable when they're around me. It's also fun when they can only climax when inhaling my scent and/or following instruction. Incorporating things like light pain, pushing limits, or making it hurt (in a good way) in order to get what they crave drives me wild.

Even knowing that I'm one of the few that know about this side of them, and they want to share it with me, affects me. Not sexually, in that sense, but it's nice. Things aren't so black and white that I'd say that those that enjoy this with me are "submissive."

Love it or hate it, we all have our kinks and quirks. Happy sniffing and soaking everyone.


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